I need to take a leave of absence. How does that work?

If you are in good academic standing, you may request a personal leave of absence for a maximum of one year. All leaves of absence, including those undertaken for medical reasons, must be requested and processed through the Office of Advising (swadvising@columbia.edu). You will need to complete paperwork and discuss how this leave will affect your academic program and then map out a plan for resuming your studies once the leave ends. A Student Services staff member will process your leave and remove you from classes, if necessary. And if your leave of absence commences before the term ends, you should also arrange to meet with someone in the Office of Financial Aid, as it may require returning loan funds to the federal government. For more details on policy and procedures, go to the Student Handbook. NOTE: If you take a medical leave of absence, you will be required to submit documentation of medical clearance, ensuring you are able to attend classes and participate in practicum, before returning to campus