My instructor has said that all required papers must be submitted to Turnitin. What is Turnitin and am I required to submit my papers through this program?

Turnitin is a Web-based learning tool to prevent and detect plagiarism. Many of the School’s instructors require that students submit their required papers to Turnitin. This is to protect the academic integrity of your work and also to ensure you possess the requisite academic citation skills. Once your paper is submitted, Turnitin will compare its content to content in three primary databases:

  • Current and extensively archived content publicly accessible on the Internet.
  • Commercial papers from books, newspapers and journals.
  • Any other student papers previously submitted to Turnitin.

Turnitin then produces an “originality” report that includes an indication of the proportion of your paper that has exactly matched content from another source. NOTE: Turnitin is available for all students to use prior to submitting your papers, even if your instructor hasn’t required it.