How will I receive information from my instructors and advisors? How will I be notified of important events including registration and practicum issues at the school?

The school’s primary — and official! — mode of communication with you is via yourColumbia e-mail account. We strongly recommend that you check your Columbia e-maildaily so that you won’t miss key announcements about such things as registration, advising, Practicum Learning, upcoming events, class assignment updates, scholarship opportunities, job announcements, job fairs, graduation, and much more.

What if I prefer to have messages sent to my personal email?

It is easy to forward your Columbia e-mail to another account, such as Gmail, if that is your preference. To set up this feature, go to UNI mail forwarding. You can also set up your Columbia account on software such as Apple Mail, Outlook or Thunderbird. To do so, go to CUIT’s configuration instructions.  If you have a smartphone (e.g., Blackberry, I-Phone or Android), you can add your Columbia e-mail as a secondary account. Please contact your cell phone provider for configuration instructions.