Once I’ve received my practicum placement assignment, if I have questions about it, who can I talk to?

Please reach out to the appropriate associate director of practicum:

Cindy Bautista-Thomas
Associate Director of Practicum Learning
Aging; Schools and School-Based Services
cb2747@columbia.edu 212-851-2311
Jenny Crawford
Associate Director
Contemporary Social Issues and World of Work
jgc91@columbia.edu 212-851-2308
Ericka M. Echavarria
Associate Director
Aging and World of Work
 eme2116@columbia.edu  (212) 851-2396
Amanda Glass
Associate Director
Health, Mental Health
aeg2181@columbia.edu 212-851-2310
Richard Hara
Associate Director
International, Immigrants and Refugees
rth7@columbia.edu  212-851-2251
Atavia Whitfield
Associate Director
Online Program
aw2555@columbia.edu  (212) 851-2316
Leslie Wiesner
Assistant Director
New Jersey Students
Ovita Williams
Associate Director
Family, Youth & Children’s Services – Westchester, Rockland, Connecticut
ofw1@columbia.edu  212-851-2309