Practicum Learning

How does practicum placement process work for a Part-time to Full-time (Extended) Student?

Your practicum placement process is the same as that of Two-Year Program students, with the exception that you’re allowed to start first-year practicum in either the Fall or the Spring term. You will be asked to declare when you intend to begin practicum via an e-mail notice in October, prompting you to complete the First-Year practicum Placement Form (PW & UNI required). The form is identical to the one required of first-year students in our Two-Year Program.

What is my practicum instructor’s role?

Your practicum instructor is the agency employee responsible for overseeing your training at your practicum placement. He or she is there to support your learning in practicum, to answer questions you may have about interactions with clients and agency employees, and to help you develop direct practice skills. At the end of the term, your practicum instructor evaluates your work at the agency for your advisor and recommends whether you should receive a pass or fail grade. NOTE: Your advisor is the final arbiter of the grade you receive for Practicum Learning. Under some circumstances, he or she may choose to override the recommendation of the agency practicum instructor. 

If I have questions about my practicum placement, who can I talk to?

Please reach out to your advisor or the Office of Advising (send an e-mail to Your e-mail should detail your questions and concerns.

Your advisor and the Office of Advising want to help you and address any practicum-related concerns you may have, so please reach out to them. All CSSW staff are here to assist and support your learning. We are committed to providing you the best education possible.

What if I need assistance with practicum-related matters at any point?

For help with field-related matters, please contact the Office of Practicum Learning at:
Telephone: 212-851-2307
See also: Practicum Learning staff list.