What are the requirements of the dual degree programs?

In addition to coursework and internship requirements, each participating institution requires that you maintain residency at the institution for a particular period; CSSW requires a residency minimum of three full-time terms (not including Summer, unless in the 16-Month Program). Dual degree requirements vary by program. Specific program plans that outline Social Work requirements are Dual Degree Study Plans. The typical dual degree program is a total of 90 points: a minimum of 45-48 points with the School of Social Work (27-30 points in course work and 18 points in Practicum Learning) and 42-45 (or more) with the dual degree school. There is variation across the programs.

Additional information about the respective dual degree programs can be found on pages 26-31 in the Student Handbook.

To complete the Social Work component of the curriculum, dual degree students should do the following:

  • Officially register through CSSW for a minimum of three full-time terms, not including the Summer session (unless in the 16-Month Program);
  • Complete all background and foundation practice courses;
  • Complete all practice courses in the chosen method area;
  • Complete the program’s Practicum Learning requirements;
  • Notify the respective schools’ coordinators, advisors and financial aid office of the coming year’s course plan each year;
  • File the appropriate registration and financial aid documents with the respective participating schools each term or year, as required.