What are the requirements of the dual degree programs?

In addition to coursework and internship requirements, each participating institution requires that you maintain residency at the institution for a particular period; CSSW requires a residency minimum of three full-time terms (not including Summer, unless in the 16-Month Program). Dual degree requirements vary by program. Specific program plans that outline Social Work requirements are Dual Degree Study Plans. The typical dual degree program is a total of 90 points: a minimum of 45-48 points with the School of Social Work (27-30 points in course work and 18 points in Practicum Learning) and 42-45 (or more) with the dual degree school. There is variation across the programs.

Additional information about the respective dual degree programs can be found on pages 26-31 in the Student Handbook.

To complete the Social Work component of the curriculum, dual degree students should do the following:

  • Officially register through CSSW for a minimum of three full-time terms, not including the Summer session (unless in the 16-Month Program);
  • Complete all background and foundation practice courses;
  • Complete all practice courses in the chosen method area;
  • Complete the program’s Practicum Learning requirements;
  • Notify the respective schools’ coordinators, advisors and financial aid office of the coming year’s course plan each year;
  • File the appropriate registration and financial aid documents with the respective participating schools each term or year, as required.

Can I pursue a minor even if I am already doing a dual degree?

No. Dual degree students are not eligible to enroll in minor programs.

How long does it take to complete a dual degree program?

Most of our dual degree programs are completed in three years: MSW/MPA, MSW/MIA, MSW/MBA, MSW/MPH and MSW/MS-Urban Planning. Programs with JTS, UTS, Columbia Law School and Bank Street are completed in four years. (In some cases, students who have their teaching certification prior to starting the MSW/M.Ed. program are able to complete their degrees in three and a half years.)

How do I enroll for classes at Social Work if I’m in residence at my partner school?

Each term, the CSSW Office of Student Services will email you a Dual Degree Enrollment Declaration Form that you must complete to ensure the School is aware of your most current enrollment plans. If you note that you will be in residency at your partner school, and thus will not have access to the Social Work online registration system during the school’s designated registration periods, you also will be asked to complete a Dual Degree Cross-Registration Form.

Do I receive my diploma as I complete the requirements for each program?

No. The University will not confer either degree or issue either diploma until degree requirements are completed for both programs.