What types of financial aid are available?

Financial aid awards typically include a mix of institutional/merit scholarships, Federal Work-Study, federal loans, and other types of loans. If you are awarded Federal Work Study from the School of Social Work, you may only earn those funds via your practicum placement. This means that during your “split year” – when you are in residency at SW for one term and in residency at the partner school for the other term – if you are also in practicum placement and earning work study, you may only earn those funds during the term you are enrolled through the School of Social Work. If the partner school awards you FWS while you’re in residency there, you must secure a campus-based FWS job that is separate from your practicum placement in order to earn those funds. NOTE: Those who have served in the military should find out if they are eligible for veterans educational benefits by completing the checklist linked from Columbia University’s Veteran Affairs site. Likewise, those who have completed a term of service with AmeriCorps should contact AmeriCorps directly to see if they are eligible for the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award.