CSSW Council of Deans Issues Call to Action to Address Anti-Black Racism

CSSW COVID-19 Updates

Click here for the latest communications issued by CSSW. Looking for social work volunteer opportunities, resources, and trainings for helping with the pandemic? See our Action Lab for Social Justice website.

What is the cost per year?

Tuition and fees for 2017-18 total an estimated $50,920. Of that, tuition accounts for $22,586 each term. This is a flat-rate cost that allows you register for up to 19.5 credits per term at a cost equivalent to 15 credits.

For an explanation and breakdown of other fees, go to Cost of Attendance.

Please consult your partner school website or Office of Financial Aid for information about the cost of that portion of your program. NOTE: In your “split year” – when you are in residency at CSSW for one term and in residency at the partner school for the other term – your tuition and fees will be calculated per term based on each school’s set cost of attendance. Social Work and Public Health dual degree students should be mindful that Student Medical Insurance plans are year-long selections. The School through which you are billed in the Fall of your “split year” will determine the cost and type of medical coverage you have for the entire year – Morningside campus vs. the Medical Center – even after you switch program residency in the Spring term. This means that if you are billed via Public Health in the Fall and have the CUMC Student Medical Insurance Plan, you will be billed for that plan and must adhere to that policy’s coverage guidelines even after you switch your billing to Social Work in the Spring, and vice versa.