Do practicum placement requirements differ for Dual Degree program students vs. other programs? For example, will I be assigned a placement that is tailored for my specific dual degree program?

No. As a dual degree student, you must still complete two years of practicum placement through the School of Social Work. You will assigned a first-year practicum placement (T6010) via the same process utilized for all students entering First Year Field Work. Your second-year placement process may vary depending on when your dual degree status is established, the length of your overall program, and your plan of study that has been discussed with and approved by the Office of Student Services.

If you are applying to a partner school during your first year at CSSW, you should still participate fully in the Second Year Placement Planning process (i.e., attending the annual Placement Planning Fair, availing yourself of seminars and information sessions, and completing and submitting the Practicum Learning Placement Form by the stated deadline). You are required to stipulate, on the Second Year Placement Selection Form, the name of the partner school to which you are applying, or have applied. When possible, an expected notification of status date should be indicated. You will not be placed until an admissions decision has been received from the partner school, and it has been determined that you will be entering Second Year practicum Work that upcoming Fall term. You are required to inform the Office of Practicum Learning of your status within two weeks of acceptance. All Dual Degree students also are expected to contact the Director of Advising, on intended start of their final year practicum placement in order to stay informed with the placement planning process.

The school does not have specific placement opportunities that are designated solely for each dual degree program, however you may work closely with the Assistant/Associate Directors of Practicum Learning to explore the various internship opportunities that may allow you to best combine your two programs of study, or allow you to gain valuable skills that complement your partner program.

Please carefully review the Practicum Learning Manual for general information about practicum placement requirements.