Admissions Requirements

What dual degree programs does the school offer?

What are the admissions requirements for the dual degree programs?

Dual degree status is established once you have been accepted to two participating schools, based on their individual admissions requirements. You should contact the Office of Admissions of both schools for the dual degree program in which you’re interested in to learn their specific admissions requirements.

When can I apply for a dual degree program?

You may apply for a dual degree with a participating institution prior to, concurrently with, or following matriculation at the School of Social Work, but no later than the second term of the first year of Practicum Learning. If you are accepted to a partner institution during your first year of enrollment at CSSW, you must immediately inform the Office of Student Services and Office of Practicum Learning so that your academic record can be updated with your dual degree status and a program plan can be created for satisfactory completion of your remaining Social Work coursework and field work requirements.

Will being a MS student help me get admitted into a participating dual degree institution?

No. Admissions decisions at participating institutions are made regardless of your status as a MS student at CSSW. Your application will be reviewed like any other application.

Who can advise me on how much the dual degree will really help me in the end?

The decision to pursue a dual degree is a very personal one. Your professional success will be determined as much by your drive and ability to do excellent work as by your academic credentials. The dual degree can be helpful in making interdisciplinary connections for yourself and in increasing your knowledge of a particular practicum. Your academic advisor, dual degree faculty coordinators and Student Services/Student Affairs staff at participating institutions may be able to help you determine whether or not pursuing a dual degree is the right choice for you. Depending on your interests and career goals, one of the school’s minor programs may be more conducive than a dual degree program (if interested, check out the Minor Programs on page 38 of the Student Handbook.