What are the credit requirements for the Advanced Standing Program?

To earn a Master’s in Social Work at CSSW, you must complete a minimum of 60 credits. The School will accept a maximum of 27 transfer credits from your BSW program, which means that you must complete a minimum of 33 credits during your tenure at CSSW. The amount of transfer credits you have been granted was outlined in your acceptance letter. If you received fewer than 27, it could be due to several factors: you earned below a B in the course; the course was taken more than five years ago; you earned your BSW from a Canadian institution (see Note); or your BSW program did not require you to take a course equivalent to one of our first-year required courses. Please keep in mind that since the school has a 60-credit minimum for degree completion, you may end up enrolling in 36 or 39 credits at CSSW, rather than the standard 33, in order to fulfill your requirements. NOTE: Students with a BSW from a Canadian institution can transfer a maximum of 24 credits because of not having taken the equivalent of T6801 U.S. Social Welfare Policy and will be registered for that course in the Fall.