What is the Advanced Standing Program?

Advanced Standing students receive up to 27 transfer credits, which enables them to matriculate as second-year students and earn their degrees in one year (three terms). They complete a minimum of 33 credits at Columbia (21 through coursework and 12 through practicum learning). As an Advanced Standing student, you will begin your studies with an intensive six-week program that begins in mid July. During that session you will take T0006 Child Abuse Reporting Education, T6012 Advanced Standing Practicum Seminar, T6505 Intro to Statistics (can be waived through previous coursework or exam), and T7105 Advance Integrative Seminar. The purpose of these courses is to extend and deepen the direct practice knowledge and skills to which you were introduced in your BSW program, and to begin reflectively analyzing, from an anti-oppressive framework, how you will practice through the lens of the social work specialization you have chosen–Advanced Clinical Practice, Integrated Practice and Programming, Leadership, Management, and Entrepreneurship, or Policy Practice.

When Fall term arrives, you will move on to the second-year sequence of practice courses and complete your coursework and practicum learning requirements in just two semesters, usually taking three or four classes per term. Your practicum placement will be for two terms (Fall and Spring), and you will spend three days a week at the agency. Before your placement is made, you will work with the Office of Practicum Learning to choose a a practicum site that supports your chosen area of specialization and field of practice.


  • When evaluating transfer credits, the School is looking for equivalent coursework to T660A-B Human Behavior and the Social Environment I & II, T6501 Social Work Research, T6801 Social Welfare Policy, T7100 Foundations of Social Work Practice, T7103 Advocacy in Social Work Practice, T6010 Practicum Learning [two terms worth no more than 6 credits], and an elective. Taking more courses may be required if a student does not receive 27 transfer credits from his/her undergraduate coursework or if he/she decides to pursue certain minors.
  • BSW graduates from Canadian institutions will not receive credit for T6801 Social Welfare Policy. To be eligible for the program, Advanced Standing students must have earned a B or better in all of their undergraduate social work classes.
  • Advanced Standing students are not permitted to pursue dual degrees.
  • Advanced Standing students may pursue some minor programs (not the Law minor) if they are willing to register for additional credits beyond the required minimum of 33.
  • Students in the Advanced Standing Program may not be employed by their Practicum Learning agency.