Practicum Learning

How is my practicum placement determined?

Our Field Education Department carefully reviews your Field Placement Form, résumé, previous field experience and evaluation to select the best possible placement for you that matches your selected method area within your chosen field of practice. A Field Department staff member will contact you over the summer to set up a confirmational interview for this placement site and provide you with relevant information to help prepare you for the interview and what to expect.

When will I be notified of my practicum placement?

You should receive your field placement assignment during your August Advanced Standing session.

What will I be doing at my practicum placement?

Tasks at your placement will vary depending on your method and field of practice, type of agency, and population with whom you will be working. For information on possible assignments, education plans, as well as the learning objectives for various method specializations, go to our Practicum Learning Manual (PDF: 123 pages)

Once I’ve received my practicum placement assignment, if I have questions about it, who can I talk to?

Please contact the Office of Practicum Learning by first reaching out to the Field Department staff member who notified you of your placement and has been working with you to set it up. You also may contact the Office of Practicum Learning at

What is my practicum instructor’s role?

Your practicum instructor is the agency employee responsible for overseeing your training at your practicum placement. He or she is there to support your learning in practicum, to answer questions you may have about interactions with clients and agency employees, and to help you develop direct practice skills. At the end of the term, your practicum instructor evaluates your work at the agency for your advisor and recommends whether you should receive a pass or fail grade. NOTE: Your advisor is the final arbiter of the grade you receive for Practicum Learning. Under some circumstances, he or she may choose to override the recommendation of the agency practicum instructor. 

What if I have additional questions about my practicum placement or related matters?

For help with additional field-related matters, please contact the Office of Practicum Learning at: