Minors/Dual Degree Programs

What minors do you offer, and how do I sign up?

The School offers three minors for 16-Month students:

  1. Business
  2. International Social Welfare
  3. Public Policy and Administration

As a 16-Month student you are not eligible to pursue the Law minor as it requires two years of course requirements, including a first-term course that is only offered in the Fall. For more information on minors, go to the Student Handbook.

I am interested in finding out more about dual-degree programs.

Typically, a dual-degree program reduces the requirements for doing two full-time programs by approximately one academic year because fewer credits are needed for each of the two degrees. If you are interested in pursuing a dual degree with another Columbia graduate school, you must apply separately to the school in question during your first year at CSSW. You will also need to discuss your academic plan for completing requirements at both schools.with the Manager of Enrollment and Student Services, Cheiku Camara (cbc2117@columbia.edu). Click here for more information on our dual-degree program.

To update your student record once you have been accepted into the other school, please notify our Office of Student Affairs at swstudentaffairs@columbia.edu.

Which CSSW office should I contact if I have questions about minors or dual degrees?

If you have further questions about minors and dual degrees, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at:
E-mail: swstudentaffairs@columbia.edu