Will the University or School issue any rebates on tuition or fees for the Spring 2020 semester?

The University has given each School the flexibility to provide rebates on School-based fees. Residential Campus students will receive a total of $100 in rebates from the CSSW Student Activity and IT fees. All students expecting to graduate in May 2020 in both the Online Campus and Residential Campus will also receive a $100 rebate on the CSSW Student Events fee to account for the May 2020 commencement exercises. Please note that the rebate pertaining to commencement will not impact the likelihood of a separate commencement event that may happen in the future. Additionally, in recognition that some on-campus services and facilities are no longer available for the spring term, those students who were assessed a Facilities fee will receive a credit of $119 representing a portion of that fee. There will be no rebates on tuition since the University moved swiftly to ensure instruction continues throughout the spring semester and students can earn full credit for the semester’s work.