I am a current student facing one or more significant challenges and am seeking financial help in the short term. Are there any resources I can access outside of additional loans and budget appeals?

Yes, the School may be able to help. With the generous help of some of our alums and CSSW Student Union representatives, we are currently seeking additional donations to expand a COVID Emergency Fund for students facing immediate crises in their lives, including food insecurity, housing insecurity, or other unexpected COVID-related expenses. Because funding is limited, we need to prioritize emergencies and address the most significant situations first. A special, confidential committee of thoughtful staff members has been assembled to review requests; please be assured that your confidentiality will be protected. Please contact the Financial Aid Office via swfinaid@columbia.edu if you have questions or to receive a link to the online request form for emergency funds. You will receive an answer to your query within 3 business days.