March 12, 2020 at 7:12 p.m.

Latest Updates and Additional Resources from CSSW

Dear Students of our Online and Residential Campuses:

Thank you for voicing your concerns and providing feedback. There are topical areas that require clarification regarding the Practicum Learning suspension email forwarded yesterday 3/11/20. It is important that we define terminology and share the next best steps to date. Please review the information below:

1. Columbia School of Social Work (CSSW) has defined the temporary practicum suspension as mandatory, meaning students should not report to practicum from now through Monday, March 23. Please note this temporary status may change as we receive additional information from the Columbia University leadership, public health agencies, government officials, other schools of social work, and community partners. Please do not attend practicum during this designated time.

2. CSSW supports remote agency assignments based on the partner site’s capacity to assign and supervise remote work. There have been inquiries from both students and partner sites on this point, and we support remote work where possible. Please note, the remote assignments will be monitored and managed by your advisor and the associate director in Practicum Learning. Please copy all of these individuals on email correspondences about remote work. This also applies to our reduced residency cohort that holds a unique position as a student learner/employee. First and foremost, please follow directives from your employment site and we will support you as a CSSW intern.

3. Students have questioned whether or not they will graduate on time. Yes, based on site remote work and/or school assignments, the vast majority of students are in good standing for graduation as well as continuation in the program.

4. We recognize that many students will be traveling home during spring break. Given possible travel disruptions, there may be delays in returning to New York City. With this in mind, please take all of the technology, resources and materials necessary to continue your studies remotely in case this should occur. Please err on the side of caution and mindfulness. We will stay in contact and please notify CSSW about any changes in your return to school.

5. Practicum Learning is actively placing students for next year; resumes have been sent to partners and interviews are being scheduled. Please note, interviews may occur online or via phone conference. Please be aware that agencies may delay to a later date.

Thank you for your understanding and joining as we collectively make daily decisions in our community’s best interest for all key stakeholders. Be well.