Healing as we Build: Black Women Centering Mental Health amid COVID-19

Project Intro

This project will create an affinity space for Black Women focused on healing and Black futurism. While Black Women play a pivotal role in communities, families and the national economy, they are continuously devalued and dismissed by public policies and institutional practices. COVID-19 has exacerbated these injustices as well as putting many Black Women at high risk as they fill frontline positions with disproportionately minimal benefits and low wages. This affinity space will prioritize healing, developing skills and tools to navigate chronic stress, and community building while crafting a plan for Black Futurism. Twelve to fifteen Black women in New York City will be enrolled in four three-hour meetings.

Team Members

  • Tiffany Younger (CSSW Lecturer)
  • Chandler Phillips (CSSW Student)
  • Mishael Sims (CSSW student)
  • Tyese Brown (Community Leader)
  • Lashawn Butler (Community Leader)