Umoja Circles: A Free, Online Group Processing/Emotional Support Space for the Black & African Community

Project Intro

Umoja Circles is a program that offers free bio-psychosocial educational sessions to Black identifying adults in New York City. The sessions teach the power of mindfulness, relaxation, and psychoeducation grounded predominantly in cognitive behavioral therapy ideologies tailored to the Black social and cultural experience. With this grant, Umoja Circles will expand its virtual processing programming by offering financial incentives for participants, develop educational program materials , and open their services to black identifying children as young as 6 years old.

Team Members

  • Ashley Cole, Jr.
  • Dr. Ovita Williams
  • Eva Gordon
  • Deidra Brooks
  • Chandler Phillips
  • Chantel Plummer
  • Gabriela Carrillo-Meza
  • May Lee