Telehealth “verzuz” Radical Telehealing: Reimagining Digital Social Media as Virtual Healing Spaces for Black Women

Project Intro

This study will examine the ways in which social media is being utilized to facilitate healing and self care among Black Women. Inspired by online community spaces that promote positive collectivism and connection created by DJ D-Nice such as the VERZUZ live music battles and “Club Quarantine”, the study aims to reimagine mental health technologies in a way that prioritizes the care and needs of Black Women. Researchers will use observational methods to gather information from social media surrounding how platforms engage healing and self care. The study will be used to analyze the impact of creating a telehealth model specifically for Black Women developed entirely void of white supremacist ideals that are historically and systematically foundational to medical care services.

Team Members

  • Chelsea A. Allen (CSSW student)
  • Zuleka Henderson (CSSW Lecturer)
  • Jalana Harris (CSSW Lecturer)
  • Rachel Chang (CC student)
  • Errica Williams (CSSW student)
  • Courtney D. Cogburn (CSSW Associate Professor)