ShockTalk pilot: Increasing access to culturally appropriate telemental health services for Indigenous clients

Project Intro

ShockTalk is a “culturally tailored telemental health platform” that connects Indigenous people with Indigenous mental health care providers. Indigenous people suffer from high rates of mental health issues as well as limited mental health resources. After conducting interviews with indigenous communities, the ShockTalk team identified the lack of culturally appropriate service providers and lack of systems to help indigenous clients seeking mental health care as two significant barriers to the community receiving appropriate care. ShockTalk is currently in beta testing and the team will use this grant to grow their network of culturally-appropriate mental health professionals.

Team Members

  • Ariel Richer (CSSW PhD Student, ShockTalk Director of Research)
  • Austin Serrio (ShockTalk CEO)
  • Sutton King (ShockTalk COO)