Commemorating Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April 12, 2023

Commemorating Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Dear CSSW Community,

This year marks the 22nd anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness a month: a time when we take a moment to honor survivors of sexual assault while also grappling with ways in which we, as a country, can do better at protecting people from ever having to experience such trauma. This year’s theme, Drawing Connections: Prevention Demands Equity, encourages individuals, communities, organizations, and institutions to change ourselves and the systems surrounding us to build racial equity and respect.

Safety is a human right that many people, especially those pushed to the margins of our society, cannot enjoy. That is why it is so critical to spend time critiquing the systems that create such inequity while also checking our individual biases. If we continue to address our problems at the level where the most harm is done, we will have better assurance that those solutions will capture everyone.

This month, let us continue to educate ourselves about sexual assault and stand with survivors who are leading the movement towards prevention. For those who are interested in participating in University specific events, please find more information on what is happening this month here.


In community,


Melissa Begg

Dean & Professor


Karma Lowe

Senior Associate Dean for DEI, Enrollment & Community Engagement