Jean Charles ’72 has written a definitive book on how to rebuild Haiti: For the Country for the Homeland, a Vision That Will Make Haiti Rich, Powerful and Independent. Jean “believes it is a must for students of politics and actors in government who dream of making an incremental change in the way their people are living their lives.”

Teach With Africa (www.teachwithafrica.org), which was founded in 2007 by Marjorie Schlenoff ’73, has resumed global education exchanges between the US and South Africa that were on hiatus due to COVID restrictions. They are seeking educators who are passionate about transforming teacher training across continents by volunteering in township schools through the

Global Teacher Institute in South Africa. Please contact Marjorie in San Francisco at (415) 310-6505 to join Teach with Africa’s mission.

 Nancy D Miller ’75 was presented with the National Association of Social Worker’s Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award at the national conference in June, 2022.

Susan Siegeltuch ’76 has been appointed North American co-chair of PACE (Psychoanalytic Assistance in World Crisis and Emergencies), a new committee of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA).

Murali Nair ‘78PhD is one of the associated editors for NASW and Oxford University Press’ jointly released Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work (2023). Murali has three co-authored articles encyclopedia: 1) Cariceo, Oscar; Nair, Murali; Bokhar, Wahaj: (2023). “Predictive Analytics and Big Data”; 2) Midgley, James; Verdooner, Elise and Nair, Murali. (2023) “International Social Welfare: Overview”; and Guerrero, Erick; Khachikian,Tenie and Nair, Murali: (2023). Evidence-Based Macro Practice in Social Work.”

Natalie H. Rogers ’79, psychotherapist and founder of Talkpower, Inc., received a Baruch Changemaker Award in September, 2022. Celebrated at a ceremony and dinner at Baruch College, the Changemaker Award recognizes alumni who have positively impacted others through leadership, innovation, and excellence.