Rebecca Chen 20 is a campus programs coordinator for Duke Kunshan University, in Kunshan, China. 

Emmanuel Montesa 20 joined the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) in January, 2021, as a program officer for the Trafficking Victim Assistance Program (TVAP), a comprehensive case management program for foreign national survivors of trafficking funded by U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In September 2021, he became project manager of relationships, education, advancement, and development for Youth for Life (READY4Life), a unique program within USCRI’s portfolio that aims to support positive social and emotional development amongst immigrant and refugee youth through a skills-based workshop, case management, and research. He oversaw program implementation in seven cities across the country and the randomized controlled trial impact study to measure its effectiveness. In October 2022, Emmanuel was promoted to program manager of children’s services where he oversees child-focused programs that aim to provide holistic support to ensure future success. In addition to READY4Life, he now oversees the Prevention of Sexual Abuse Audit of Office of Refugee Resettlment (ORR) Facilities, the Dallas-Ft. Worth Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Prospective Foster Parent Intake, and the mental health component of Nuevo Comienzo. In his spare time, Emmanuel also provides consultation services to Amal Alliance, a New York-based international NGO that aims to provide displaced and disenfranchised youth with social and emotional learning.

Kate Snyder 20 is the patient counselor at The Phillips Family Cancer Center in Southampton, implementing psychosocial assessments, providing therapy interventions and making assessments for needed resources for patients and their families.

Rhiannon Reeves 20 became program manager, policy analysis with the Montgomery County Office of Racial Equity and Social Justice in April, 2020. Having called Montgomery County home since 2015, she is honored to serve her community in hopes of making it a more equitable and just environment for all. In her current capacity, Rhiannon assists office staff in fulfilling its mission of reducing and ultimately eliminating racial disparities and inequities in Montgomery County.

Jennifer Daniel 20, is the national director of alumni programs for The Posse Foundation in NYC.

Stephanie Sorady ’20 has released her second book! The Better Habits Workbook: Exercises for Getting Unstuck, Changing Your Behavior and Reaching Your Goals, shows you how to adjust your behavior and become more intentional with your choices to achieve your goals. It’s filled with tools and tips to help you establish a healthy, positive routine that leads to lasting change. It was released in October 2022, and you can order a copy wherever books are sold. 

Zoe Zschack 20 started a new position asa school social worker at the Parsippany-Troy Hills School District.

Alessandra Graci 21 started a new job at The Child Center of NY as an FFT therapist.

Juliana Pinto McKeen ’21 is now at The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights in NYC as a social worker. 

Morgan Nevins 21, a social worker at B-HEARD, NYC Health and Hospitals, appeared in an NPR interview highlighting work in the South Bronx with B-HEARD and culture change in emergency response.

Pamela Ossona 21 is a therapist at the Jewish Board.

Maria Paola Tovar Rangel 21 was promoted as equity coordinator at the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Center at the Universidad el Bosque in Bogota, Colombia. She also coordinates the research group at the Legal Aid Clinic of the University.

Clarence Rogers ’21 is a social worker, level II at New York City Health and Hospitals, in Bronx, NY. 

Katarina Bartel ’22 is an associate therapist at Kind Mind Psychology.

Johanna Bellorin ’22 is a social worker at The Bronx Defenders, and passed the LMSW exam.

Olivia Cordingley ’22 recently started a new job as a social worker at the Urban Family Center at Henry Street Settlement. She also attended the International AIDS Conference this summer in Montreal where she presented research from a project she worked on during her internship at CSSW’s Social Intervention Group.

Mark De Guzman ’22 is transitioning to a new position at the Legal Aid Society as a mitigation specialist after over five years in program management at Housing Works, working in both harm reduction and supportive housing. He recently obtained his LMSW license, and is “ready to take on the field with excitement!”

Isabella Gabaldon 22 has joined the Emergency Department and RETU (Rapid Evaluation Treatment Unit) at Mount Sinai Hospital where she has been assisting the medical team with comprehensive clinical psychosocial assessments of patients presented in the emergency room. She has been positively impacting the community she has been working with and “hopes to continue to improve others’ lives to the fullest.”

Wendy Garibay-Monje ’22 is now a career coordinator for the VEAP (Veterans Employment Assistance Program) for Orange County Community Services.

Jason Gordon 22 was promoted to youth worker supervisor. He is making a documentary, writing a book on his life’s journey, and has also started a basketball development company.

Jennifer Mosby 22 started a new job as a clinician at The People Concern in Los Angeles, CA.

Hailey Nelson ’22 works at East Harlem Tutorial Program as a middle school social worker.

Lauren Simon 22 started a new job in September at Affinity Psychotherapy, a private group therapy practice located in midtown Manhattan.

Seyi Segun ’22 started their first position as a behavioral health social worker and is working on their Doctorate in Health Education at Teachers College.

Sarah Sumner ’22 is a sex therapist at Empowered Fulfillment Therapy in Portland, OR.