Dr. Maurice (Reese) Markewich ‘60 is still in private practice and has worked 40 plus years of emergency room psychiatry.

Dr. Lawrence (“Larry”) Shulman ‘61, Dean and Professor Emeritus of the School of Social Work at University at Buffalo recently published the 4th edition of his book Interactional Supervision (NASW Press). In 2020 Cengage Press published the 8th edition of his practice book, The Skills of Helping Individuals, Families, Groups and Communities.

Barbara Federgreen Anderson ‘62 has been working steadily since she graduated and is now 85 years old, living in an independent living senior community. She has recently completed teaching an eight session course for residents called “Everything You Want to Know About Sex but was Afraid to Ask,“ and is now convening a death café comprised of people who are interested in talking about all aspects of death. They have lots of laughs. Barbara moved to New Jersey from San Francisco two years ago and continues to see her clients remotely. “This seems to be the way to go,” Barbara says, as she transitions to a remote work environment that suits both her and her clients.

Janice Victor ‘62 retired from clinical practice, and continues to teach classes in narcissism and resistance at the New Jersey Institute for Training in Psychoanalysis. She is president of the New Jersey Society for Clinical Social Work, and a board member of the Psychoanalytic Clinic and the training board of the New Jersey Institute. She considers psychoanalysis an important and useful skill for clinical social work.

Gail McCormick ‘63 has been a climate change activist for over 35 years, her work having been shown on CNN at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, otherwise known as the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, in 1992. Her blog, climatecrisisblog.com, and connected Facebook page are followed by those concerned about the climate emergency we continuously face.

Dr. Natasha Josefowitz ‘65 is 95 years young and has been writing her bi-monthly column for 40 years to local newspapers and international websites. Her column is accessible through her website, natashaswords.com. Natasha is happily living in a retirement community with six great grandsons. Below is a recent poem written by Natasha.

By Natasha Josefowitz PhD
It is beginning to be really annoying
this old woman who keeps intruding in my life
at times she is vaguely familiar
but other times totally unknown and unpredictable
like she takes her time just getting up from a chair
And then doesn’t remember why she got up
she often means to do something but does something else
and forgets what she meant to do in the first place
I find her stupid but she won’t go away
she writes everything down
and then can’t find the note she just wrote
she is not only disorganized which I find annoying
she also dawdles a lot wasting time
she can’t hear well, she can’t see well
And has short-term memory problems
I wish she would go away
but she’s trying to replace me
I don’t want to let her in but she’s very pushy
in fact this morning in the mirror
she was actually brushing my teeth and washing my face
and I worried that someday
all that will be left of me
will be she.

Anna Shadoin Rickell ’69 is semi-retired as a clinical social worker. She’s into her 11th year leading grief groups for First Presbyterian Church. For 25-30 years, Anna has also been facilitating workplace disruptions for R3 Continuum. She says, “I continue with my professional group and keep my license in clinical social work.”