Adama Barry ’20 is excited to announce that the Class of 2020 finally had their commencement after two years. A month after graduating in 2020, she gave birth to a handsome boy. She started working at Sanctuary for Families last year as a counselor for the African DV Initiative/Non-Residential Services. Before that, Adama was the communications director for seven years for the 31st Assembly District in Queens, NY.

Resha Altai ’20 is a psychotherapist at Highland Park Holistic Psychotherapy.

Jennifer Daniel ’20 is now the national director of alumni programs at The Posse Foundation.

Hani Hussein ’20 is a school social worker for the Institute of Family Health School Based Health Center.

Keanu Jackson ’20 is a staff therapist for The Expansive Group.

Christina Liddy ’20 is case manager/staff psychotherapist at the Furman Counseling Center at Barnard College.

Susan McKee ’20 is a nursery manager at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility Hour Children.

Natosha Dobbins ’21 is a fellow at Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab.

Mallie Froehlich ’21 is a research assistant at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health.

Alía Hauwert ’21 started work as a foster care/adoption social worker for a nonprofit in Oakland, California in August 2019, where she performed clinical case management, conducted assessments, and provided training and support to families as they navigated the foster care and adoption process. In April 2022, she began working as a protective services worker for the San Francisco County Department of Families and Children Services and learned that she will be placed in the Emergency Response unit. Alía look’s forward to expanding her social worker skill set and further supporting families impacted by the child welfare system.

From 2020- 2022, she co-created and co-facilitated trainings on interracial adoption for professionals and prospective and adoptive families. She intends to sign a contract with Fred Finch Youth Family Services and facilitate and create trainings regarding different foster care and adoption topics. This work is expected to commence in June, 2022.

Alía is in a committed, long term relationship of almost three years. They live in their dream apartment in the Mission District of San Francisco, California, and are gradually planning their next life steps (such as adopting a dog) and are saving money to buy their first home or cabin.

Jessica Kuszelewicz ’21 has been a primary therapist at Monte Nido RainRock, a residential treatment center for eating disorders, since January, 2022. She provides individual, group, and family therapy. She has also developed her own curriculum and facilitates groups around dialectical behavior therapy, life skills, and cognitive behavioral therapy. She also facilitates an unstructured process group for clients to share personal assignments and check-ins. She says “this role certainly has its challenges, but I never forget that I was in the patient role just 7 years ago. I am grateful every second of every day that I am entrusted by clients and their loved ones to provide the help/support/guidance that I was fortunate to receive from my own therapists over the years.”

Sabrina Laverty ’21 is a research analyst for FairVote.
Heidi Suniti-Lynn Montague ’21 has moved from full-time to part-time at Las Encinas Hospital as a group therapist and has joined a private practice as a psychotherapist seeing individual clients.

Amanda Perez ’21 was recently hired as a court alternative specialist for the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office.

Clarence Rogers ’21 is a clinical court coordinator for The Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services.

Tanya Rice Thompson ’21 is currently a student at the Columbia School of Professional Studies pursuing a master of science in nonprofit management.

Wenliang Zhu ’21 worked at Charles B Wang Community Health Center as a clinical social worker when he graduated from CSSW. After having been with the agency for more than 5 years, he is now an oncology social worker at Maimonides Cancer Center.