Jeanine D. Costley ’00 graduated from New York University’s inaugural doctorate program (DSW) in clinical social work in 2018. She is the senior vice president of transitional programs for the Institute for Community Living, an associate professor at Medgar Evers College, and a private practice clinician.

Diana Franco ’00 completed her DSW at New York University in 2018. In 2021, she started a position as clinical assistant professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work.

Alice Moore ’00 is celebrating her 22nd year working in child welfare at New Hanover County Health and Human Services. She is a social work supervisor and oversees foster home licensing, adoption assistance, family visitation, child placement, guardianship assistance, and the social work training program. She has been the project manager of a pilot program for the last two years, titled, “Kinship Therapeutic Foster Care Program” (Kin TFC), and received a national award (NACo- National Association of Counties) for this program. Kin TFC recruits and trains relatives and kinship providers, giving them the tools to meet therapeutic needs of foster children in their homes in order to provide stability and permanence. Alice loves what she does and remains challenged every day in her job.

Eva Forde ’01 is the founder of Rich Social Worker, and helps social workers scale their valuable skills as online coaches and consultants. They are opening their doors for a four-week course called Start Here to help social workers learn and implement the first steps of starting an online business.

Nora Kohri ’04 has served the country working as a clinical social worker for the past five years. Stationed in Okinawa, Japan, she has helped military members with cases of domestic violence and child abuse. Now back in New York, Nora is serving the Japanese community as a counselor dealing with issues with parenting, relationship, identity search, etc. at Care the World.

Dr. Bree Akesson’s ’06 new book published by Rutgers University Press is about the impact of home demolition in the face of war is called, From Bureaucracy to Bullets: Extreme Domicide and the Right to Home. There is also an op-ed that connects the book to the current war in Ukraine. More information about the book can be found at the Rutgers University website.

Angelie Singla ’06 is the inaugural chief development officer at the only national advocacy organization for API women, the National Asian Pacific Islander American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF).

Gerdie Rene Gordon ’07 opened three brick & mortar businesses (2007-2022); ran programs from her not for profit, Rene Academy of Creative Arts; married Michael Gordon in October, 2010; had two daughters: René Elyse (now 10) and Kara Michelle (now six); and was contracted by two major companies in her industry to engage in education and consulting work. In December 2021, she retired from full time “behind the chair” work to pivot into full time consulting/coaching/education, and in March 2022, she launched her new business: Gerdie René Gordon Education, Consulting & Bespoke Artistry for Beauty Professionals (www.GerdieReneGordon.com). She has been able to successfully use and implement her social enterprise administration skills [now called Leadership, Management, and Entrepreneurship for Social Justice] and experience at CSSW into her field of cosmetology blending her two passions of social work and beauty! She says, “It’s been an amazing experience/journey.” IG: @GerdieReneGordon

Bee Schindler ’09 earned her doctor of education degree in late April of 2022. She successfully both defended her dissertation, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training in Higher Education: How Enrichment Imbued with Reciprocity Could Sustain the Complex Work, and participated in the graduation ceremony with the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Education, where she concentrated in urban education and centering social justice.

Francis Lora ’09 has developed his own seven-week-long (once weekly) virtual experience for professional working parents whose children have recently been diagnosed with autism. Inspired by his son and titled “Congratulations – Your Child is Autistic! Now What?: Navigating the Turbulent Waters of an Autism Diagnosis”, his zoom event will be offered on Saturdays (September 17, 2022 – October 29, 2022) from 11:30-1:00pm or 12:00pm-1:30pm EST [TBD]. For more information please email Francis at TheTravelingTherapistNYC@gmail.com. In addition to providing these important spaces for families, Francis works at New York Presbyterian Hospital as an AIM clinic behavioral social worker triaging, referring, and matching patients with service providers by day, and providing traditional psychotherapy through Cope With School NYC, a private practice located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, by night.