What is your Statistics Waiver policy?

Students must fulfill the Statistics requirement in 1 of 3 ways:

Option #1: Complete T6505 (0 credits) Introduction to Statistics at CSSW (5-week course)

Students are required to complete this 0-credit course prior to their second year of study. In the course, students acquire the language of statistics and learn the basics of descriptive and inferential statistics. The emphasis of the course is on a conceptual understanding of basic concepts to aid in interpretation. Specific topics include descriptive statistics, standard errors, type I and type II errors, t-test, chi-square, and analysis of variance.

Students who will matriculate in the Fall (September) typically enroll in the section offered in September. However, students also have the option to enroll in the summer course that takes place in August, prior to the start of the fall term.

**Advanced Standing students MUST enroll in the course offered that begins in July.**

All students will be able to use their designated registration appointments to access the summer term and enroll in the summer statistics course.

Option #2: The Completion of Approved Prior Coursework

Students who have completed an approved Statistics course in their previous undergraduate or graduate studies may apply for a waiver of the Introduction to Statistics requirement. Students must have received a grade of B or greater in an approved course taken within four years of one’s first semester of matriculation at Columbia School of Social Work. Please complete the TRANSFER CREDIT FORM to have a course evaluated.

Option #3: Pass the Statistics Waiver Exam

The minimum passing score is 70%. Note that information regarding the waiver exams is shared in the weeks prior to Orientation.

(IMPORTANT: You must utilize your Admissions Application Login Information to access this form, NOT your Columbia UNI, and Password. If you have forgotten these credentials, please click “Forgot your Password” on the login page.)