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CSSW COVID-19 Updates

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Are there any special considerations in place regarding deferrals during the COVID-19 epidemic?

Reflecting the special conditions posed by the pandemic, we are developing some “partial deferral” options for various programs:

  • Students admitted to the Two-Year, Extended, Reduced Residency, and Advanced Standing programs will be able to take all online courses during the Fall 2020 semester (barring any obstacles due to visa issues for our international students – see above).
  • Students admitted to the Two-Year program may consider deferring to January 2021 and enrolling in the 16-Month Program. Note: All Extended and Reduced Residency students also have the option to defer to January 2021.
  • International students admitted to the Five-Term International program may be able to also defer to January 2021. More information on this last option will be forthcoming.