COVID-19-related Events & Trainings

Since the coronavirus pandemic struck, the School of Social Work has been offering contents related to COVID-19, in various formats, including special episodes of Social Impact LIVE, our talk show covering topics of relevance to social workers; special events such as Dean Melissa Begg’s panel on stigma and racism in times of epidemics and the Poverty Center’s conference on income support in crisis; and trainings of relevance to the social work profession at this challenging time—one of the pillars of our faculty’s new COVID-19 ACTION initiative, now called the ACTION Lab.

All of this content is (or soon will be) stored on the School’s YouTube channel. The following index serves as a guide to playlists as well as particular programs:

Social Impact LIVE (Special COVID-19 Editions)

  1. Watch PLAYLIST of all 13 episodes
  2. Watch individual episodes:
  3. Virtual Events

  4. ACTION Lab Training Sessions

    • Immigration in Times of COVID-19
      Presented by Neeraj Kaushal and Mashura Akilova
    • Paid Sick Leave in NYC during the COVID-19 Pandemic
      Presented by Jane Waldfogel and Matthew Maury
    • COVID-19-related Stigma and Discrimination
      Presented by Amy Kapadia and Samantha Winter
    • Psychoeducation as an Aid in Navigating the Impact of COVID-19
      Presented by Ellen Lukens and Yamile Martí
      Uploaded to YouTube June 30, 2020