Amy Kapadia

Dr. Amy Kapadia (she/her, hers) is a Lecturer in Discipline at the Columbia School of Social Work. Her research interests stem from community-based clinical work within the field of serious mental illness and substance use and include the mental health effects of discrimination and stigma among marginalized groups, and psychoeducation intervention development to enhance community-centered mental health capacity-building. Dr. Kapadia is a Co-Principal Investigator for the Trust-Building through Truth-Telling project aimed to address the impact of COVID-19 among community and spiritual leaders within marginalized communities to enhance mental health recovery, and to address mistrust caused by institutional racism and discrimination.

Dr. Kapadia teaches clinical, research, and programming courses within the Advanced Clinical and Integrated Practice and Programming tracks. She also teaches Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Stigma and Mental Health, and Evidence-Based Practice for People with Serious Mental Health Challenges. She is a Co-Principal Investigator for the New York State Office of Mental Health Evidence Based Practice Project that partners with schools of social work in New York to provide training and education for MSW students in recovery-oriented evidence-based practices for adults with serious mental health challenges. In her teaching and other work, Dr. Kapadia embodies anti-oppressive, intersectional, cross-systems and strengths-based approaches that center collaborative learning, shared experiences, and is committed to on-going self-reflection.

When not working, Dr. Kapadia enjoys spending time with her little ones, reading and taking long walks along the Hudson River. Dr. Kapadia holds a PhD from the Columbia School of Social Work.