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Cost of Attendance – Online Campus 2018-2019

When making your financial plans, it is necessary to consider tuition and fees as well as living expenses in estimating the overall cost of attendance. Below is the estimated cost of attendance for students enrolled via the Online Campus for 2018-2019. The Trustees of the Columbia University will determine the actual tuition and fees in the summer. Financial aid information can be found on our Tuition & Financial Aid page.

Estimated Tuition/Fees for 2018–19
TuitionAll Online Campus (OLC) students are charged a tuition rate of $1,564 per credit. NOTE: Students enrolled in the Extended and Reduced Residency programs typically register for 6 credits each term during their first year. Two-Year Program students typically register for 16.5 credits in the fall and 13.5 credits in the spring.$46,920
Learning Resource FeeA cost of $200 per term.$400
Health and Related Services FeeBy paying the Columbia Health and Related Services Fee (HRSF), students can access the programs and services provided through Columbia Health’s five departments, including 24/7 support from Counseling & Psychological Services, Medical Services, and Sexual Violence Response. A small portion of the HRSF supports the University Gender Based Misconduct Office (GBM)Opens in a new window, so that GBM staff may fully collaborate with CH staff in providing necessary resources and support to students who have experienced sexual assault. Students are charged $563 each term.$1,126
Health InsuranceThe fee is charged to all full-time students in order to provide them with basic medical insurance throughout the academic year. The estimated Gold-level coverage is charged as $1,185 in the Fall and $1,926 in the Spring. (The higher Spring rate is because insurance coverage is provided through the summer.) Students are insured from Aug. 15, 2018 until Aug. 14, 2019. A higher-level Platinum plan also is available. Information about that premium cost can be found here. NOTE: The Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan may not cover all of your health care expenses. The plan excludes coverage for certain services and contains limitations on the amounts it will pay. Please read the Student Health Insurance Plan Brochure carefully before deciding which plan is right for you. Students having comparable medical insurance of their own may elect to waive this fee. Click here for waiver information. For additional Health Service and Medical Insurance information, please visit the Health Service Enrollment Office or call the office at 212-854-7210.$3,111
Statistics Course FeeAll students enrolled in the required course T6505 Introduction to Statistics are charged this course fee. Students may waive this class via exam.$450
Student Events FeeOne-time fee for incoming students to cover orientation and graduation expenses.$450
Documents FeeThis one-time fee, assessed during the first term of attendance, entitles students to e-transcripts, enrollment and degree certifications, and the mailing of the original diploma.$105

In addition to tuition and fees, the Office of Financial Aid will provide you a budget that includes allowances for books, transportation, and living and personal expenses, based on average reported costs in your city of residence. Your financial aid package will include funding to allow you to meet your cost of attendance. Your actual costs will vary based on your current rent, utilities, personal expenses, commuting costs, etc. If these costs are greater than the amounts included in your financial aid award letter, you may submit a Budget Appeal Form to have your costs and funding adjusted accordingly.

The 2019-2020 Cost of Attendance is an estimate only and will be finalized after the University Board of Trustees meets during the summer.

Estimated Costs of Attendance for 2019-2020 
Estimated Total Tuition & Fees$54,205
Estimated Living Expenses$12,099 - $32,836