Ph.D. Candidate

William R. Frey

William Frey’s research interests: Race, Whiteness, Antiracism, Social Media, Racial-Ethnic Socialization, Artificial Intelligence

William R. Frey (he/they) is a Social Work and Sociology PhD student and organizer of the Space for Uprooting Whiteness at Columbia School of Social Work. His research focuses on a transdisciplinary interrogation of whiteness, antiracist praxis, and social media, bridging the psycho-sociological and techno-cultural. As a doctoral research assistant, William is currently working with Cogburn Research Group (directed by Dr. Courtney Cogburn) examining of the role of racism in health and social inequities, and critical race consciousness development in social work education. He is also affiliated with the SAFElab (directed by Dr. Desmond Patton) where his work has involved the contextual analysis of social media, participatory models for domain expert involvement in computational mixed methods research, and ethical considerations at the intersections of artificial intelligence and social media. William received a BA in Psychology and a MSW in Community Organization and Social Systems from the University of Michigan.