Ph.D. Candidate

Prema Lynn Filippone

Prema Filippone’s research interests: Health Disparities, Intersectional Stigma, Racial Inequalities in Health Care, Social Determinants of Health, HIV/STI Prevention, Reproductive Justice

Prema Filippone is a doctoral candidate at the Columbia School of Social Work. Prema is interested how systematic exclusion, stigmatization and racism serve as drivers for racial disparities in health care. Her research examines the effects of intersectional stigma and racism on women’s health decisions, engagement in care, and overall health outcomes.

She currently studies the effects of innovative interventions addressing structural barriers to effective HIV/STI prevention among women impacted by poverty, gender-based violence and syndemic conditions. Prema is an affiliate of the Cogburn Research Group at Columbia University School of Social Work. Prema holds a MS in Social Work from Columbia University and BA in Sociology and Psychology from Rutgers University.