Ph.D. Candidate

Luciana Giorgio Cosenzo

Luciana Cosenzo’s research interests: Social ties, Insomnia, Latinx health, Social Determinants of Health, Intersectionality

Luciana is a doctoral candidate studying the effects of psychosocial stress on sleep health among Latinx adults under the mentorship of Dr. Alcántara. Her main research interests focus on examining the association of family, friendship, and transnational ties, cognitive emotion-focused coping, and insomnia among Latinx adults. She is also interested in the influence of cultural values, gender norms, and acculturation on the relationship between social ties, coping, and sleep health in the Latinx community. Luciana has had the opportunity to dive into these topics through her involvement in the Sleep, Mind, and Health Research Program, directed by Dr. Alcántara, which explores the social determinants of sleep, mental health, and cardiovascular health with a focus on developing interventions for racial/ethnic minority populations. Through her work in this research program, she has been involved in quantitative and qualitative primary data collection in English and Spanish, data and project management, and manuscript and presentation development. Before entering the PhD program, Luciana received a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia School of Social Work and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.