Ph.D. Candidate

Chelsea Allen

Chelsea Allen’s research interests: Historical Trauma; Intergenerational Trauma Transmission; Race; Racism; Social Determinants of Health; Health Disparities

Chelsea Allen is a doctoral student at Columbia University’s School of Social Work. She currently works with Dr. Courtney Cogburn examining the role of racism and race-related stress in the production of health inequities. Additionally, this work studies the effect of immersive virtual reality experiences on psychological processes, such as empathy/social perspective taking, racial bias and decision making. Previous to attending Columbia, she practiced as a clinical therapist working with children and families. Chelsea’s scholarship is interested in historical trauma and its specific application to African American communities. Her current research involves developing a conceptual model that reframes this theory through a multi-disciplinary lens that integrates various perspectives that are related, but not intentionally grounded, in a historical trauma framework.