Ph.D. Candidate

Caitlin Laughney

Caitlin Laughney’s research interests: Sexual Health, Sexual Satisfaction, Risky Sexual Behavior, HIV & STI Prevention, Sexual Violence Prevention, LGBTQ+ Sexual Health, Strengths-Based Perspective

Caitlin is an Advanced Practice PhD student, focusing on sexual satisfaction and risky sexual behavior among young adults. Caitlin’s research is centered in a strengths-based perspective regarding human sexuality, and focuses on understanding people’s positive sexual experiences, as an approach to prevent sexual violence, HIV transmission, and unintended pregnancy. Under the guidance of Dr. Elwin Wu, Caitlin’s current research focuses on surveying the relationship between risky sexual behavior and sexual satisfaction among undergraduates at Columbia University. Caitlin holds a MSW specialized in Sexual Education and Research from Washington University in St. Louis, and a BA in Psychology from the University of Washington.