Social Enterprise Administration

Interested in advocacy, management, entrepreneurship & leadership?

Social Enterprise Administration (SEA) students develop competencies in major managerial, administrative, and program operation tasks so that they may strengthen the effectiveness of non‐profits, public agencies and other social enterprises.

When you study advocacy, management, entrepreneurship, and leadership at CSSW, you gain a holistic perspective of the person, organization, and context.  You learn to see challenges and opportunities through both a management and a social justice lens.

Columbia School of Social Work’s Social Enterprise Administration (SEA) program trains students to manage social service agencies and human resource departments, and to launch social enterprises. Students declaring SEA as their method area follow either a general SEA or a Management Fellows curriculum.

The two Management Fellows Program concentration areas are Social Entrepreneurship (SE) and Management and Leadership (ML). SEA’s Management Fellows curriculum provides training in how to start social service agencies through its SE concentration and specialized training in leadership through its ML concentration.


The SEA curriculum includes the following required courses:

  1. T7122: Social Planning & Program Development
  2. T7123: HR Management, Supervision, & Staff Development
  3. T7124: Macro Community Practice/Organizational Theory
  4. T7125: Financial Management
  5. T6416: Program Evaluation

Management and Leadership Fellows select additional courses from the following*:

  • Building Personal Capacities as a Manager
  • Disaster Preparedness & Management
  • Economics for Social Workers
  • Effective Leadership and Board Management
  • Managing NGOs
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Marketing and Social Marketing
  • Staff Development, Training and Coaching

*Enrollment pending availability, space, and permission. If course enrollment is closed, alternative courses will be provided.

Social Entrepreneurship Fellows select additional courses from the following:

  • Social Entrepreneurship: A Global Perspective
  • Creating a Social Enterprise
  • Launching Social Ventures
  • Launch Your Startup
  • Financing Social Ventures
  • Impact Investing
  • Developing or Scaling Social Enterprises
  • Asset Development & Microfinance
  • Development/Fundraising
  • Effective Leadership & Board Management
  • Marketing & Social Marketing


The SEA specialization requires 120 hours of relevant tasks and activities during the concentration practicum. Select SEA practicum sites include:

  • Praekelt: A global social enterprise platform focused on the intersection of human centered design and monitoring and evaluation in the public health field.
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.: An investment bank that offers internships in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Philanthropy.
  • Yamba Malawi (formerly known as Goods for Good): a social enterprise providing direct social services, one-on-one coaching, and business development to ensure every child has food, education, and care while establishing economic systems and social safety nets in Malawi.
  • The Adventure Project: A NYC based charity that invests venture capital in organizations that support entrepreneurs in sub-saharan Africa working in the area of environment, health, hunger, and water.


Notable Alumni & Students Engaged in Social Entrepreneurship

  • Carrie Maldovan (MSW’15) is a program manager at Google for Entrepreneurs.
  • Alumna Alexis Gallivan (MS’04) (featured in above video) used the skills she learned at CSSW to found locally-sourced, organic, Blue Marble Ice Cream and has taken a Manager of Global Impact position at eBay.
  • First-year student Elizabeth Dettke pursued an MSW here after she co-founded a cooperative bakery while working for the Peace Corps in Rwanda.

We look forward to welcoming the next SEA class, on campus and online, in September 2018.