Welcome to Sonia, CSSW’s Practicum Learning Internship Management System!

Columbia’s School of Social Work uses Sonia to manage and track information related to Practicum Learning — students, field instructors, agencies, field placements, resumes, forms, and more. While at CSSW, you will use Sonia to review and complete practicum-related information and forms.

How do I log in?

You can access Sonia here.

Click on “School of Social Work”. On the login screen, select the appropriate role (“Student” is the default), then click “University Sign In”. You will be directed to Columbia’s CAS authentication screen where you will need to input your Columbia UNI (e.g., abc1234) and password.

As outlined above, please make sure to click “University Sign In.” The “Username:”, “Password:”, and “Forgot your password?” options on the Sonia home page will not work.


What if I have issues logging in or other questions about Sonia?

Please email if you are having trouble logging into Sonia, with the email subject “Sonia login issue”. Please note that when you log in to Sonia, there is a “Documents” section on the righthand side of the page which includes helpful FAQs and guidance in using Sonia.