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Introduction to Complicated Grief and Complicated Grief Treatment
September 18, 2015
6 contact hours are available for NYS Licensed Social Workers.
Registration limited to licensed professionals.
$275 single; $225 each for 5 or more
In this full-day workshop, you are introduced to the syndrome of complicated grief (CG) and complicated grief treatment (CGT), the proven efficacious, 16-session psychotherapy designed to help identify and resolve grief complications and facilitate natural adaptation to a loss.
In this workshop, you will learn:
  • a framework for understanding bereavement and grief from an attachment system perspective.
  • how to recognize and assess the symptoms of complicated grief.
  • an overview of the core principles, strategies and procedures used in CGT.
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Complicated Grief Treatment (CGT) Principles and Procedures
October 16-17, 2015
12 contact hours are available for NYS Licensed Social Workers
Registration limited to licensed professionals.
$500 single; $475 each for 5 or more
In this 2-day workshop you learn about complicated grief treatment, the proven efficacious, 16-session psychotherapy developed to identify and resolve complications of grief and facilitate adaptation to loss. The workshop includes video and/or live demonstrations of techniques and role-play exercises to help you learn the basics of the treatment.
In this workshop, you will learn:

  • An overview of the organizational framework of CGT.
  • A description of the therapist as Sherpa guide.
  • An explanation of core elements of CGT and their rationale.
  • A review of the evidence behind CGT.

This workshop is the second step in pursuing CGT training through theCenter for Complicated Grief. Following completion, you are encouraged to pursue case consultation to develop essential skills and competencies to administer CGT.

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Transform Yourself, Transform Your Practice: The Person-Centered Way
December 5, 2015
6 contact hours from NY State
$300 single; $275 each for 5 or more
Soft-skills like active listening, communicating, leading effectively, and conflict resolution are increasingly in demand today, though all too often they are taught in a didactic manner that is difficult to integrate directly into personal and professional practice. In marked contrast, the RogerianPerson-Centered Approach (PCA) stresses a ‘way of being’ over a ‘way of doing’.
In this one-day practical training workshop, participants will take a deep dive into the theory and practice of the Person-Centered approach, with ample opportunity to directly explore the personal and professional qualities that empower their professional practice.
Specifically, participants will:

  • learn Person-Centered theory and practice
  • apply the principles of PCA to their professional practice
  • identify individual strengths and professional working styles
  • distinguish sympathy from empathy
  • maintain innate authenticity and presence with clients
  • participate in moderated group work and observation
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Trial Based Cognitive Therapy: Examining and Changing Core Beliefs
Date TBD
6 contact hours from NY State
$300 single; $275 each for 5 or more

In this experiential workshop, licensed social workers with 1-2 years of CT clinical experience or clinicians new to the tools and techniques of CT will learn how to recognize the qualities of an expert cognitive therapist and learn about several tools therapists use to both identify and help change a client’s negative core beliefs.


Specifically, participants will

  • learn the theory undergirding the design of the Cognitive Conceptualization Diagram (CCD) and the Trial Based Thought Record (TBTR or Trial I)
  • view demonstrations of how the CCD and TBTR are used in a therapeutic/clinical setting
  • practice using the CCD and TBTR in roleplay scenarios with other participants
  • recognize and evaluate therapist competencies using the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale (CTRS)an empirically-validated instrument used in research and clinical practice
  • identify strategies that help clients strengthen new positive core beliefs.
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The Empathic Dilemma: The Path to Professional Success
January 23, 2016
6 contact hours from NY State
$300 single; $275 each for 5 or more
Empathy is one of the most widely-discussed skills in the modern workplace, but exactly what is it? What is the difference between empathy and sympathy? What is too much empathy? How can we get in touch with our own innate empathic abilities and become more effective professionals?
In this experiential workshop, we will explore and develop our understanding of empathic listening and response based on the teachings of Dr. Carl Rogers, widely regarded as the most influential American psychologist of the twentieth century. Dr. Rogers was the first psychologist to throw away diagnostic labels, preferring instead to freely explore the rich internal worlds of his clients, empathically helping them to arrive at their own process of self-healing. Empathy was one of the three core conditions that Rogers maintained were ‘sufficient and necessary’ for therapeutic growth. In his lifetime, Rogers used the concept of empathy in the broadest possible sense and was even involved in international peace talks where he was able to help often warring-parties listen to and understand the perspective of the ‘other side’.
In this experiential workshop participants will
  • understand and recognize concept of empathy from a Person-Centered theory and practice perspective.
  • distinguish sympathy from empathy – the former being more about ‘us’, the latter about our clients’ lives and experiences.
  • distinguish between “optimal empathic attunement” and giving too much of yourself
  • incorporate empathy into professional practice, learning how to manage conflict and affect client-driven growth.
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