Online Classes

All classes, programs, and activities scheduled for this summer will be held online. Additional updates to campus and academic operations can be found here.

CSSW COVID-19 Updates

Click here for the latest communications issued by CSSW. Looking for social work volunteer opportunities, resources, and trainings for helping with the pandemic? See our COVID-19 ACTION website.


Michael Lovaglio
Associate Dean 212-851-2359 Room 522
David Stephens
Acting Director, Admissions 212-854-0039 Room 2304
Natasha Stanislas
Assistant Director, Admissions 212-851-2303 Room 515
Ronald Vargas Benavides
Systems Administrator 212-851-2366 Room 514-F
Emily Dennis
Admissions Counselor 212-851-2302 Room 515
Jennifer Ramlall
Administrative Assistant 212-851-2301 Room 514-H