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CSSW COVID-19 Updates

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Senior Administration and Dean’s Office

More information on the roles of each member of the Council of Deans can be found here.

Melissa Begg
Dean & Professor
cssw-dean@columbia.edu 212-851-2289 Suite 614
Heidi Allen
Associate Dean for Research; Associate Professor of Social Work
ha2332@columbia.edu 212-851-2242 Room 709
Carmela Alcántara
Associate Dean, Doctoral Education; Associate Professor of Social Work
ca2543@columbia.edu 212-851-2835 Room 917
Gerard Bueno
Senior Associate Dean, Administration, Finance & Planning
gb2455@columbia.edu 212-851-2354 Room 604
Cheiku Camara
Assistant Dean, Student Services
 cbc2117@columbia.edu  212-851-2436 Room 520
Moira Curtain
Associate Dean of Student Affairs & Dean of Students
 mac17@columbia.edu  212-851-2469 Room 529
Richard Hara
Assistant Dean for Evaluation and Assessment
 rth7@columbia.edu  212-851-2355 Room 1107
Monique M. Jethwani
Associate Dean, Faculty Development and Academic Affairs
mmj2106@columbia.edu 212-851-2398 Room 608
Kathryne Leak
Associate Dean, Field Education
kh16@columbia.edu 212-851-2312 Room 509
Michael Lovaglio
Associate Dean, Enrollment Management
ml3992@columbia.edu 212-851-2359 Room 522
Karma Lowe
Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Community Engagement
knl3@columbia.edu 212-851-2364 Room 531
Matthea Marquart
Assistant Dean, Online Education; Lecturer in Social Work
msm2002@columbia.edu 212-854-8833 Room 611
Ann McCann Oakley
Associate Dean, Computing & Instructional Technology
amo1@columbia.edu 212-851-2329 Room 416
Desmond U. Patton
Senior Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Curriculum Innovation; Associate Professor of Social Work
dp2787@columbia.edu 212-851-2238 Room 809
Larrita Riggs
Executive Assistant to the Dean
lar2207@columbia.edu 212-853-0306 Room 615-B
Susan V. Smith
Chief of Staff, Dean’s Office
svs22@columbia.edu 212-851-5970 Room 615-C
Atavia Whitfield
Director of Field Education