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CSSW COVID-19 Updates

Click here for the latest communications issued by CSSW. Looking for social work volunteer opportunities, resources, and trainings for helping with the pandemic? See our Action Lab for Social Justice website.


Mary-Lea Cox Awanohara
mlc2144@columbia.edu 212-851-2327 Room 630
John Bohn
Communications Coordinator
 jb4018@columbia.edu  212-854-6716 Room 629-C
Katrin Kalketenidis
Web Design and Multimedia Specialist
kk3287@columbia.edu 212-854-1143 Room 624-A
David Licata
Multimedia Specialist
dl2890@columbia.edu 212-854-8194 624-B
Janet Young
Communications Writer
jy2994@columbia.edu 212-854-3788 629-D