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CSSW seeks scholars of race and racism, with a particular focus on anti-Black and/or anti-Latinx racism.

CSSW COVID-19 Updates

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Computing and Instructional Technology

Ann McCann Oakley
Associate Dean
amo1@columbia.edu 212-851-2329 Room 416
Josephine Tatel
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology
jkt4@columbia.edu 212-851-2340 Room 417
Lutfur Bhuiya
Systems Manager
lb2106@columbia.edu 212-851-2347 Room 418
Ed Cardona
Senior Instructional Technology Specialist
enc2103@columbia.edu 212-851-2489 Room 419
Ian Danquah
Instructional Technology Specialist
id2339@columbia.edu 212-851-2343 Suite 419
Haifa Rahman
Instructional Technology Specialist
hr2412@columbia.edu 212-853-1776 Suite 419
Vivianna Carriel-Rodriguez
Senior Administrative Coordinator
vc2162@columbia.edu 212-851-2328 Room 419
Elizabeth Kwon
Assistant Systems Engineer
 ek2864@columbia.edu  212-853-1668 Room 418-A
Michael Raghunandan
Associate Research Systems Engineer
 mr4179@columbia.edu 212-853-1886 Room 418
Daniel Shultz
IT Systems Coordinator
dls3@columbia.edu 212-851-2895 Room 418-A