Academic Programs

Office of Academic Affairs

Desmond U. Patton
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Curriculum Innovation 212-851-2238 Room 809
Monique M. Jethwani
Associate Dean, Faculty Development and Academic Affairs 212-851-2398 Room 608
Jackie Martinez
Associate Director, Academic Affairs: Administration 212-851-2286 Room 620-B
Huimin Herling
Assistant Director 212-851-2324


Office of the Online Campus

Matthea Marquart
Assistant Dean of Online Education 212-854-8833 Room 611
Atavia Whitfield
Associate Director, Field Education  212 851-2316 Room 503
Kristin Garay
Manager of Online Campus Technologies 212-853-1652
Rebecca Chung
Program Manager 212-853-1725
Johanna Creswell Baez
Program Manager

Office of Continuing Education and Professional Excellence

Tiffany L. Rasmussen
Director of Office of Professional Excellence 212-854-4378 Room 612
Nasia Daley
Program Manager 212-851-2513 Room 620-A

Office of the Doctoral Program

Carmela Alcántara
Associate Dean for Doctoral Education 212-851-2385 Room 917

Jessica Troiano
Director 212-851-2389 Room 919