Academic Programs

Office of Academic Affairs

Ana Abraído-Lanza
Vice Dean; Associate Dean for Research; Professor Room 619
Monique M. Jethwani
Associate Dean, Faculty Development and Academic Affairs Room 608
Jackie Martinez
Director, Academic Affairs: Administration 212-851-2286 Room 620-B


Office of the Online Campus

Matthea Marquart
Assistant Dean of Online Education Room 611
Kristin Garay
Manager of Online Campus Technologies 212-853-1652
Rebecca Chung
Program Manager 212-853-1725
Lia Marshall
Manager of Course Development 212-853-8042

Office of Continuing Education and Professional Excellence

Tiffany L. Rasmussen
Director of Office of Professional Excellence 212-854-4378 Room 612
Mary Piepmeier
Program Manager 212-851-2311 Room 1114-D

Office of the Doctoral Program

Qin Gao
Associate Dean, Doctoral Education; Professor of Social Policy & Social Work Room 917

Jessica Troiano
Director of Administration 212-851-2389 Room 919

Practicum Learning

Kathryne Leak
Associate Dean and Director of Practicum Learning Room 509
Atavia Whitfield
Interim Associate Dean of Practicum Learning
James Singletary
Interim Director of Practicum Learning 212-851-2251 Room 503
Hans Bernier
Associate Director
Schools and Schools-based Services 212-853-8243 Room 504
Jenny Crawford
Associate Director
Contemporary Social Issues 212-851-2308 Room 506
Ericka M. Echavarria
Associate Director
Aging; International, Immigrant, and Refugee Services  212-851-2396 Room 507
YoungJae Lee
Associate Director of Practicum Learning
Aging, World of Work, and Tristate Area 212-853-4264 Room 505
Amanda Glass
Associate Director
Health, Mental Health and Disabilities: Mental Health Services 212-851-2310 Room 508
Mary Sawyer
Associate Director of Practicum Learning Systems and Reporting 212-853-8084
Marlene Santana
Associate Director of Practicum Learning
Family, Youth & Children Services
mvs2117 212-853-4275 Room 505
Kristin Battista-Frazee
Associate Director
Online Program 646-831-4340
Sheryl Sodohoue
Department Manager  212-851-2314 Room 511
Princess Dennis
Department Administrator 212-854-6572 Room 511