Academic Programs

Office of Academic Affairs

Ana Abraído-Lanza
Vice Dean; Professor 212-853-3882 Room 619
Monique M. Jethwani
Associate Dean, Faculty Development and Academic Affairs 212-851-2398 Room 608
Jackie Martinez
Director, Academic Affairs: Administration 212-851-2286 Room 620-B


Office of the Online Campus

Matthea Marquart
Assistant Dean of Online Education 212-854-8833 Room 611
Kristin Garay
Manager of Online Campus Technologies 212-853-1652
Rebecca Chung
Program Manager 212-853-1725
Lia Marshall
Manager of Course Development 212-853-8042

Office of Continuing Education and Professional Excellence

Tiffany L. Rasmussen
Director of Office of Professional Excellence 212-854-4378 Room 612
Mary Piepmeier
Program Manager 212-851-2311 Room 1114-D

Office of the Doctoral Program

Qin Gao
Associate Dean, Doctoral Education; Professor of Social Policy & Social Work 212-851-2227 Room 917

Jessica Troiano
Director of Administration 212-851-2389 Room 919

Field Education

Kathryne Leak
Associate Dean and Director of Field Education 212-851-2312 Room 509
Atavia Whitfield
Interim Associate Dean of Field Education 347-712-1077
James Singletary
Interim Director of Field Education 212-851-2251 Room 503
Hans Bernier
Associate Director
Schools and Schools-based Services 212-853-8243 Room 504
Jenny Crawford
Associate Director
Contemporary Social Issues 212-851-2308 Room 506
Ericka M. Echavarria
Associate Director
Aging; International, Immigrant, and Refugee Services  212-851-2396 Room 507
Genisha Metcalf
Associate Director of Field Education
Online Program 212-853-4267
YoungJae Lee
Associate Director of Field Education
Aging, World of Work, and Tristate Area 212-853-4264 Room 505
Amanda Glass
Associate Director
Health, Mental Health and Disabilities: Mental Health Services 212-851-2310 Room 508
Noemy Santos
Associate Director
Health, Mental Health and Disabilities: Social Work in Healthcare 212-851-2310 Room 510
Mary Sawyer
Associate Director of Field Education Systems and Reporting 212-853-8084
Marlene Santana
Associate Director of Field Education
Family, Youth & Children Services
mvs2117 212-853-4275 Room 505
Kristin Battista-Frazee
Associate Director
Online Program 646-831-4340
Sheryl Sodohoue
Department Manager  212-851-2314 Room 511
Princess Dennis
Department Administrator 212-854-6572 Room 511