End of Fall 2019 Term Message

To my Faculty and Staff Colleagues at the Columbia School of Social Work:

I am deeply honored and absolutely delighted to become the next Dean of the Columbia School of Social Work. You
are conducting extraordinary work on some of the most important issues and challenges facing society. I am proud to
join you in promoting proven strategies and interventions designed to enhance social justice, combat racism and
systemic inequities, and maximize human potential. In combining the best scholarship with the most effective
practice, the Columbia School of Social Work has long provided a model of graduate education for the profession.

I am eager to work with you to advance the goals and mission of CSSW, working across disciplines and sectors to
promote human health and well‐being, and achieving excellence through diversity, inclusion, and equity. Together,
we will build on the School’s strong foundation as the premier institution for evidence‐based social work in the

Please join me in expressing profound gratitude to Dr. Irv Garfinkel, who has so generously and capably led the
School as interim Dean since 2017. Irv has done a magnificent job of keeping the School productive and on track, and
I know that a great number of other colleagues have helped in that regard – sincere thanks to all of you.

I can’t wait to partner with you to propel the School forward into the next phase of its remarkable history, becoming
even more globally connected, with ever growing impact across all sectors and strata of society. I look forward to
meeting with you, listening to you, and learning from you. In the meantime, please enjoy the rest of the summer!

With best regards,
Melissa Begg