Social Work and Jewish Studies

Through this joint program of the School of Social Work and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, graduates earn a Master of Science in Social Work and a Master of Arts in Jewish Studies. They go on to be leaders in Jewish communal services - program specialists, administrators, policy analysts, and counselors.

By completing 45 points in social work and at least 24 points at the Jewish Theological Seminary, students can earn the Master of Arts in Jewish Studies and the Master of Science in Social Work. The degree-granting school will accept as transfer credits the number of credits earned at the other school to meet the appropriate requirements. As an example, the School of Social Work will accept 15 elective course points taken at Jewish Theological Seminary, and Jewish Theological Seminary will accept up to nine elective course points taken at the School of Social Work.

For students with adequate undergraduate training in Jewish studies, it is possible to complete all requirements in two calendar years (four consecutive terms, including one Summer). On average, students need five terms and two summers to complete the program. Students must be admitted to both programs at the time of matriculation in order to pursue this dual degree. Classes must be taken at both schools concurrently.

Course Requirements
Advanced Clinical Practice (
Advanced Generalist Practice & Programming (
Social Enterprise Administration (
Policy Practice (

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