Ellen P. Lukens

Sylvia D. & Mose J. Firestone Centennial Professor of Professional Practice


Dr. Ellen Lukens has extensive experience in the development and application of educational and psychoeducational interventions designed to improve quality of life and outcomes for adolescents, adults, and families faced with trauma, mental illness, or other significant life challenges. She is particularly interested in the use of group interventions, and how the combined professional and practical knowledge of leaders and participants can enhance both the educational and therapeutic aspects of treatment, strengthen resiliency and coping skills, and reduce stress. In addition she has clinical expertise related to practice with families, adolescents and children, and with siblings of persons with chronic illness. Currently she is involved in several research projects related to her clinical interests.

Research Interests:

  • Mental health and the family
  • Evidence-based practice for persons with mental health challenges
  • Family psychoeducation and wellness management
  • Caregiving and care receiving across the life cycle
  • Impact of trauma on diverse communities
  • Impact of trauma on children and adolescents
  • Psychoeducational family group interventions for children and adolescents in care
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Collaborative program development and evaluation

Current Projects:

  • Community Awareness through Psychoeducation for Persons with Severe Mental Health Conditions: The CAPE Project
  • Supporting Resource Families and Parenting Youth in Foster Care through Psychoeducation

Selected Publications:

Books Chapters

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Journal Articles

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