Vince Migliore has served as an educator, clinician, university administrator, policy advisor, justice advocate and researcher. Mr. Migliore’s primary research areas are personality development, clinical assessment, and analysis of history and systems of social and therapeutic psychological models. Mr. Migliore’s introspective lenses arise from Analytical Psychologies analysis of critical theory, post-modern feminist and queer theories as a symbolic analysis of phenomenological descriptions in hermeneutical and narrative methodologies.

Currently Mr. Migliore’s research is focused on the changing context of the constructed Psyche in post-modernity. His empirical perspective is influenced by sociobiology, language development, and brain science leading to post-Humanistic post-Human possibilities residing within a potential singularity of neuro-psychic/techno-biological integration. Research examines and questions the deliberate construction of a suprahomosapien post-modern Psyche, no longer moral, but ethical. Of particular interest are the attendant normative psychological theoretical models, and newly defined abnormalities and treatment methodologies that will arise within this constructed supra-bio-techno post-Human.

Mr. Migliore currently operates his own consulting company, and has worked in private clinical practice, agency social services practice, community counseling services, as a social service administrator, and university student life dean. He has taught psychology, pastoral counseling, philosophy, theology, spirituality and ethics in universities located in the United States, Canada and Europe. Mr. Migliore holds several master degrees: clinical psychology, counseling psychology, philosophy, theology and social work.